Business Activity

Our Activity

AGRO.VI.M S.A., processes, packages and delivers a variety of Greek agricultural products worldwide.

Premium extra virgin olive oils from the PDO certified region of Kalamata, different varieties of olives, organically produced and Greek traditional antipasti are some of the products offered by AGRO.VI.M under the umbrella of well-known brands that have won an impressive number of awards for their taste and packaging. The finest raw materials are selected for production.  AGRO.VI.M typically buys in excess of 50% of the PDO Kalamata olive production of Messinia, one of the most well-known and awarded olive varieties of the country and more than 50% of the PDO Kalamata extra virgin olive oil production. In addition, the company buys almost 30% of the total olive oil production of Messinia.

To guarantee its premium status and authenticity, ILIADA PDO Kalamata extra virgin olive oil is produced by a selected and certified group of local to the Kalamata region producers that take great care of every single detail.  From the fields where our olive trees are cultivated to the thorough harvesting of the olives at just the right degree of ripeness and the optimal processing conditions, the entire production process guarantees the top quality of ILIADA premium extra virgin olive oils. By combining the knowledge and experience of our pre-selected and certified group of local farmers with certified standards of operation, the entire production process guarantees the exceptional quality of our products.

Core Business

Through the competitive positioning of our products and qualitative communication of our brands, the company addresses different productive groups of the global market.  More specifically, the company’s core business areas are:

  • Global and domestic services
    • High-end market: Gourmet and delicatessen stores
    • Mass market: Major distributors, importers and supermarkets
    • Private labels: Upon agreement and for special contracts
  • Product Development
  • Product Safety