“Olvion” line includes a full range of products, such as Excellent Extra virgin olive oil, Flavored with aromatic condiments Extra virgin olive oils and Olives. “Olvion” Extra Virgin Olive Oil has as main product the EXVOO from the region of Laconia. Laconia is well famous from its Capital City Sparta and its great history. The land of Leonidas produces one of the most qualitative Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils, the Laconia PGI.

All EVOOs of “Olvion” line are completely treated traditionally by people who are dedicated in producing excellent products. From the first moment you will taste this extra virgin olive oil you will feel the grassy and the fresh tones, the mild taste of olives.

For the “Olvion” Aromatics we have mixed high quality extra virgin olive oils with basil, orange, truffle, chili and vanilla to add different flavor to its already delicious aroma and taste. The “Olvion” olives are high quality, tasty olives, either the pure ones or stuffed with almond or garlic.

A perfect extra virgin olive oil for everyday use

Erato is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is made of 100% quality Greek olives selected by the finest grower plantations in southern Peloponnese, Greece. It has an intense green color, fruity flavors, bitterness and pepper. It is characterized by a very strong aroma, rich in precious organoleptic substances and vitamins.

High quality Extra Virgin olive oils from selected regions of Greece, such as the famous Kalamata region in Messenia at the Southern part of Peloponnese, where some of the best olive oils in the country are produced.

Jenny’s figs are carefully selected from the two renowned fig-producing & well-known areas of Greece, Kalamata in the southwest Peloponnese & the island of Evia. Both varieties are naturally sundried and are hand-picked & packaged right after harvesting.

Kalamata dried figs are washed with warm water and packed without any processing, following harvesting.

The white figs from Evia are following the whitening process after harvesting and they are soft & delicious.

Discover our olive pomace oil, a light olive oil that comes from the “heart” of high-quality olives.

A Modern design and a different proposal by AGROVIM that distinguishes from all other classical olive oil brands. Olive Art gives a new perspective on the packing and on the s/m shelves as it offers design, quality, price and taste that satisfy the most demanding consumer.

The line constitutes of BIO PDO KALA­ MATA X-virgin olive oil and olives, packed in totally recyclable materials along with conventional PDO KALAMATA extra virgin olive oil and olives packed in colorful metal tins and jars. A Gourmet excellent brand to always have on your dinner table, in order to give aroma, fruity taste and freshness to your salads or grilled vegetables.

Pure olive oil produced from olive groves in Messenia.

Superb for those looking for a milder taste with a district fruity aroma for their everyday light-cooking needs.

Use Elina olive oil to marinate along with a shot of vinegar, wine and lemon. It will bring out the taste of meat and fish.