General Terms & Conditions

Buyer declares that each person who receives goods from AGROVIM SA has a special authorization from the Buyer to receive the goods and to sign the relevant invoice – consignment note.
Place of delivery of goods is always the distribution center of AGROVIM SA (6th km National Rd. Kalamata – Messini, 24100 Kalamata) unless there is a different written agreement with AGROVIM.
The means of the products transportation is selected by AGROVIM based on best value and cost, unless the Buyer has organized the transport himself.
Buyer must and undertakes to inspect and verify the condition and quantity of the products on delivery and in case of any kind of damage, loss, theft etc. to notify AGROVIM in writing within 7 days and inform AGROVIM immediately after unloading, of any fact that may affected the goods.
The risks of goods, including risks inherent in the transportation, shall be transferred to the buyer upon delivery. Delivery shall be deemed to have taken place on all sales regardless of destination at the time of delivery of products from Agrovim’ warehouse, regardless of any terms or conditions of sale or payment for transportation costs in place.
The risk of accidental destruction or deterioration of the product shall be borne by the Buyer from the time of delivery. However, if the Buyer fails to make the agreed takeover, he bears the risk of the time, when obliged to collect the Products in accordance with the terms of the sale of goods, and so will be deemed to have occurred (fictional) delivery.
No returns shall be accepted without prior written approval of AGROVIM.
In case of improper execution of the order by AGROVIM in quantity and / or the type of products, the products will be returned upon written request of the Buyer, which must be accompanied by the corresponding invoice and the Buyer has notified AGROVIM.
Failure to submit written objections to AGROVIM within that above deadline is deemed as unconditional acceptance of the products by the Buyer.
In case of defective goods, these claims of the Buyer shall be submitted to AGROVIM within thirty (30) working days, following the duly notification of the defect by the Buyer, but in any event no later than two (2) years from the date of delivery of the Goods. Any claims communicated to AGROVIM after the above deadline shall be invalid and shall not bear any legal consequences.
Invoices are payable at the headquarters of AGROVIM SA – 6th km National Rd. Kalamata – Messini, 24100 Kalamata, Greece in accordance with the payment terms set out each time on the invoice and agreed between the Company and the Buyer.
If the invoices are not timely paid, the Buyer is in default.
In case of early payment, Buyer is not entitled to any price deduction.
The Buyer declares that unconditionally waives any objection and opposition against the payment order that may be issued against him and any objection or objections to the validity of execution against the first act until the last transaction execution It is specifically agreed that the present shall be subject to termination in case of non-timely payment of the purchase-price. If Buyer delays payment, AGROVIM may choose to exercise any of its legal rights : a) postpone the fulfillment of its own obligations (delivery) and / or b) request interest on any outstanding amount from the date on which payment was agreed, as well as any expenses that will arise from the claim of the debt.
Buyer bears the risk of loss, damage, destruction and / or any kind of damage to the goods from the time of delivery. In case of default by the Buyer at least once in respect of any payment, AGROVIM reserves the right to reclaim the goods and Buyer should cover the costs. In such case, any advances, installments and other amounts paid will be retained as compensation for the benefit of AGROVIM due to cancellation and damage to goods.
In case of war, flood, earthquake and other acts of God, epidemics, malfunction or interruption of transport, explosion, industrial disputes and strikes of any kind, fire, mobilization, requisition, embargo, government requirement, civil or military authority, inability to obtain raw materials or supplies of Products, acts of terrorism, accidents and any other similar circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the parties, that cause partial or general dysfunction of AGROVIM or its suppliers, or even in the event of force majeure or the occurrence of any accidental or misadventure outside the sphere of AGROVIM, transactions and sales are automatically suspended and the execution postponed without AGROVIM being obliged to pay any compensation or other charges.
The Buyer is an independent business, who operates with own risk, without being subject to any relationship of dependence or part of a distribution network with specific rules, terms and conditions on behalf of AGROVIM and therefore this contract does not fall under any circumstances under the provisions of Presidential Decree 219/1991, EC Directive 86/653 or other similar agency or distribution legislation and the Buyer is not entitled, does not retain any financial claim, demand or other forms of commission or compensation in the performance of this contract or in the event of termination for any reason and cause.
This agreement shall be exclusively governed by Greek law. Any dispute arising out of the present agreement, as to disputes concerning the material competence of Court of Peace, the Piraeus ’s Court of Peace, and in any other case the material Courts of Piraeus have exclusive jurisdiction.