Authentic Kalamata Olives from Kalamata, Greece

Kalamon olive variety – “The king of olives”

The original Kalamon olive comes from Kalamata in the region of Messinia, Greece. The exported number of Greek olives is approximately 193,000 tons per year. From this amount, 60,000 tons come from the Kalamon variety.

Nowadays, Kalamon olive trees are planted and grown in many other parts of Greece, as well as in other places around the world. However, only the ones grown in the region of Kalamata are the genuine and original ones. This is because of the centuries of experience and know-how of local farmers. Therefore, the taste and aromas of the original Kalamata olives are unparallel to any other in the world.

The Authentic Kalamata olives – A gift from Kalamata, Greece to the world

Kalamata Olives are those Kalamon variety olives, which originate from the city of Kalamata, which is located in the region of Messinia, in Peloponnese, Greece.

This region has an ideal soil and climate for growing olives. It has the largest number of olive trees (13,545,000) and produces 2,500 tons of table olives per year.

The authentic Kalamata olives are unique in the world. Their color is brown to deep purple, they are almond-shaped and slightly bitter with a meaty texture. Moreover, they are harvested in late fall and hand-picked to avoid bruising their sensitive skin.